Emobi is a Swiss brand dedicated to intelligent mobility.
At its core, the emobi brand stands for ecological mobility, driving power, safety and practicality.
We develop innovative designs, offer our customers the best services, conduct our own research and development, and take the lead in acquiring multiple national patents for intelligent self-balancing scooters and all kinds of electric vehicles.

AKI Group doo with headquarters at Tadije Smičiklasa 10, 23000 Zadar, Croatia
OIB: 37984641303
IBAN: HR0824020061100854436
Contact e-mail address: info@emobi.ch

Our emobi store is located at Ivana Mažuranića Street 22, 23000 Zadar, Croatia
Contact phone / mobile: +385 23 313 590 / +385 97 639 0553
Contact e-mail address of the store: sale02@euroride.net / sale03@euroride.net

Our emobi warehouse is located in Poslovna Zona Graba, 23241 Poličnik, Croatia
Contact e-mail address of the warehouse: sale01@euroride.net