5 razloga zašto kupiti e-skuter

5 reasons why to buy an e-scooter

1. E-scooters are a cheap alternative transportation choice

Do we even need to mention that electric scooters are cheap? You don't have to rely on fuel to use an e-scooter, or think about visiting a gas station. Simply plug the portable battery into a regular outlet at home or in the apartment and that's it. If you use an e-scooter for transportation to work, is it possible to charge the battery at work? If so, here are some additional savings!

2. Take a break from public transportation to drive to work

If you are driven by savings, public transport is apparently certainly cheaper than any e-scooter. But it might not be a bad idea to consider how much you spend on public transport per year and how much of that could go towards paying off your scooter which, let's be honest, you still take home at the end of the day. Besides, we all know what it's like to breathe with 60 other people at 35 degrees in a full bus.

3. E-scooters are an environmentally responsible choice

The global climate is severely damaged by the massive production and use of technology, especially those that use fuels to operate. Ok, maybe you don't care at all about climate change and an environmentally conscious lifestyle. That's perfectly ok, not all of us have the strength to break our heads with it. But the fact is that by driving an e-scooter you reduce your environmental impact on the earth, so even if at some point you become interested in environmental awareness, you will know that you have already done a lot in this regard.

4. Get to know your city and surroundings better

If you have depended on public transport or your bicycle for transportation, an e-scooter could revolutionize the way you organize your free time. Driving across town to friends you haven't seen in a long time because you usually have to pay for a taxi or wait for a bus for 200 years? No problem. It's the weekend, you're dating a great person and you have no more ideas for a new date? It's time for a trip to nature outside the city. Maybe the person you're dating is environmentally conscious? Bonus points for you.

5. Strengthen your... Brain!

Believe it or not, scientists claim that riding a scooter or bicycle strengthens the construction of new synapses in your brain, which immediately activates serotonin, the "hormone of happiness" that is needed for their construction. Namely, by driving like this, all your stimuli are sharpened, and by changing the scenes and environment you pass through (without being isolated in a car or bus), your brain has to collect and store new information.

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